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Relumins Advance White TA Stem Cell All in One Day Lotion




Benefits of Relumins Advance White Stem Cell Therapy All in One Day Lotion

This amazing new formula is designed to hydrate skin and help you achieve a healthy even glow. The first whitening, hydrating body lotion to combine Placental Protein and TA Stem Cell so skin not only feels and looks younger and healthier, it actually is.
– 300ml (10.14 fl oz) Bottle
– Professional formula, Pharmaceutical Grade.
– TA Stem Cell for Healthier, Younger, Firmer looking Skin.
– Softens skin as it brightens so you feel confident and sexy
– Clair Blanche Brightening Complex – a blend of Kojic Acid, Acetyl Tyrosine, Pacificos VAP, Arbutin, Glutathione, Saxifraga, Scutellaria, Peony Extract.
– Argan Oil to enhance soft smooth skin
– Alpha Arbutin and Placental Proteins
Relumins, is dedicated to bringing you safe and effective products to help you achieve your personal best beauty results with advanced solutions from nature.
The active ingredients are cradled in a light lotion base designed to hydrate and be absorbed deep into the skin where they can do the most to stimulate healthy skin repair, breakdown dark pigments and prevent new pigment formation.
TA Stem Cell Extract is formulated in Japan, and approved for use as nutraceutical standards for the purpose of reducing appearance of skin aging. Required clinical studies of approve and actual benefits and results.


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