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Intense Glow Beauty Care Tool




Benefits of Relumins Intense Glow Beauty Care Tool – Facial Skin Therapy Micro-Current Electronic Face Massager

Perfect your complexion with this solar powered facelift massager, specially designed to stimulate the contours of your facial skin, neck, and arms.
Enhances the skin’s tone and texture, while improving the absorption of skincare products. Use with your favorite Relumins serums or lotions to increase their efficacy, while getting a cool, refreshing facial roll with active microcurrent stimulation.
-Solar powered microcurrent beauty tool to perfect fine lines and tighten skin on your face, neck, arms, and body.
-Target areas include under-eye pouches, crows feet, wrinkles around the nose and mouth, chin skin, frown lines and improving the appearance of neck wrinkles.
-Constructed from medical-grade aluminum with a refined copper core. The solar panel provides microcurrent to stimulate the body’s tissue.
-Many rollers are available on the market, but the Relumins Beauty Tool features four rollers at a perfect 115° to match the contour of hard-to-roll areas of the face.
-Effectively improves the appearance of the skin all over your face for a tighter complexion!
-Great for use with many products! Use in conjunction with Relumins Under-Eye Serum to improve undereye pouches and tone, Relumins Advance Glow Intensive Repair Lotion to improve overall complexion or Relumins Luminous Toner to improve the cleaning power of the most advanced toner on the market.
-No need for charging, microcurrent is provided by the natural rays of the sun to increase your overall beauty.




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