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Placenta White All-In-One Premium Soap


Mosbeau Placenta White Made from the choicest ingredients to achieve the beauty benefits

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Wash your face with the richness of lotion in thick, fine bubbles. This soap made with 50% lotion ingredients has a ‘beautyfoam’ effect that reaches deep into the pores for thorough cleansing, gently exfoliates and fully moisturizes the skin. Plus, it is infused with Placental Protein, a potent whitening and anti-skin aging ingredient from Japan that has satisfied millions worldwide. The result? Extraordinary velvety fairness! This beauty breakthrough gives your skin all the benefits it needs, beyond expectations.

  • Contains 50% lotion ingredients and so it luxuriously moisturizes the skin.
  • With “beautyfoam” effect. A new concept from Japan that allows you to wash your face with rich, thick, fine bubbles that deeply penetrate pores, remove deep-seated dirt that causes acne, and gently exfoliate the skin.
  • It is infused with Placental Protein, a highly valuable and rare ingredient developed in Japan that is proven effective in skin whitening and anti-aging
  • It has all-in-one benefits that include whitening, moisturizing, deep cleansing, mild exfoliation, and anti-aging
  • 100% made in Japan that puts premium on its quality and efficacy having passed the highest standards in skincare

Horse Marine Placental Protein
Placental Protein is a popular skin-whitening agent in Japan. Recognized as an exemplary ingredient that visibly whitens skin, removes wrinkles and fine lines, detoxifies the body and speeds up skin cell renewal. Horse Placental Protein is a more effective skin-whitening and skin-nourishing ingredient than Pig Placental protein while Marine Placental Protein is patented by Japan government as an effective ingredient in skin-whitening, anti-aging and skin cell renewal.

Algae Extract
Normalizes the skin’s moisture content and provides suppleness to the epidermis.

Rosemary Leaf Extract
Stimulates cell regeneration, increases firmness, and aids in moisturizing.

Arnica Montana Flower Extract
One of the most potent inhibitors of melanin. Also has moisturizing benefits.

Hyaluronic Acid
It boosts the skin’s moisture, aids in tissue repair and holds together the skin’s structural components (collagen and elastin) to effectively reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

A recognized skin-whitening agent in Asia that naturally and visibly whitens skin.

Hydrolyzed Silk
Aids in moisture retention and ideal for all skin types.

Hydrolyzed Collagen
It forms a film on the surface of the skin making it smoother and softer.


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