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Placenta White All-In-One Premium Whitening Cream


Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One Facial Cream is infused with more whitening and moisturizing ingredients for that long-lasting evenly fair skin.


  • Gives the combined beauty performance of whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, UV Protection and oil-free makeup base in one cream
  • Activates whitening and helps control premature signs of aging with Horse Placental Protein, CoQ10, Rosa Canina and fruit oil-bringing out your healthy, youthful glow
  • Gel-type cream innovation: It easily absorbs into your skin’s natural moisture
  • Boosts moisture in your skin with squalene and other moisturizing herb extracts to increase your skin’s rate of reparation and decelerate it’s aging process
  • Further promotes gloss, nourishment, vitality, softness, elasticity and UV-shield in your face with Sericin
  • Best combined with Mosbeau Placenta White ALL-IN-ONE Premium Soap


Horse & Marine Placental Protein

Placental Protein is a popular skin-whitening agent in Japan. Recognized as an exemplary ingredient that visibly whitens skin, removes wrinkles and fine lines, detoxifies the body and speeds up skin cell renewal. Horse Placental Protein is a more effective skin-whitening and skin-nourishing ingredient than Pig Placental protein. While, Marine Placental Protein is patented by Japan government as an effective ingredient in skin-whitening, anti-aging and skin cell renewal.

A component that cells use to produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance.

Hydrolyzed Collagen
It forms a film on the surface of the skin making it smoother and softer.

Creates a protective film on the skin to block pollution and harmful UV rays.


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