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Relumins Immunity support Vitamin C shot




Benefits of New Relumins Immunity support Vitamin C shot- citrus flavor

Lemon Citrus Vitamin C Immune Shot! Vitamin C- Strengthens immune system and provides antioxidant protection!

  • Great tasting Daily Citrus Shot – 25 ml packet
  • Rich in vitamin C and flavonoids
  • Prevents white blood cells from being damaged by autooxidation
  • Accelerate the relief of cold symptoms
  • Contains Hesperidin -High antioxidant activity Helps metabolism and strengthen immunity
  • Multiple antioxidant phytochemicals- Helps strengthen the immune system Aids intestinal health protection

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Is an Essential Factor on the Anti-viral Immune Responses through the Production of Interferon-α/β at the Initial Stage of Influenza A Virus (H3N2) Infection. L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is one of the well-known anti-viral agents, especially to influenza virus.


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