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Relumins Light Therapy Tool




Benefits of Relumins Multi-Function Facial Light Therapy

Introducing Relumins Multi-Function Facial Light Therapy Tool, a skin lightening device that delivers a spa-like experience right at your home. The NEW product from Relumins works to help with skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, whitening, and anti-aging. Low light energy deeply penetrates the skin promoting the absorption of skin care products, boosting younger, smoother skin.
– RF, promotes detoxification, lymphatic drainage, smoothness of skin, and reduces redness while increasing the firmness of the skin and leaving it looking youthful and lifted.
– No needle necessary, the Facial Light Therapy Tool breaks through skin dullness and uses mesoporation to stimulate collagen making the face look more plumped and softer.
– Enhances skin’s flexibility and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with 6 color LED lights that work efficiently and offer an alternative to drying chemicals and invasive procedures.
-EMS, Electronic Muscle Stimulation, technology delivers powerful heat that stimulates existing collagen softening wrinkle lines and improves the quality of the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and glowing.
-Helps calm existing blemishes and reduces the chance of future breakouts.With one lightweight EMS RF beauty instrument and 6 LED lights, you’ll save precious time and money by bringing the professional spa experience home.Mode 1- Red Light- Enhances collagen in the skin and evens out skin tone reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Mode 2- Green Light- Brightens the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.
Mode 3- Blue Light- Reduces blemishes and assists in controlling oiliness.
Mode 4-Yellow Light- Brightens the skin. It is suitable for skin with dark spots and dull areas.
Mode 5- Pink Light- Whitens the skin and overall fair complexion.
Mode 6- Pink Flashing Light- Aids in the permeation of topical skincare products.


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